Isidoro Ferrari


President, Co-founder

I've always been a great believer in innovation, in man's ability to find new solutions, to adapt and solve ever-changing problems.

My entire working life has been guided by this deeply-held belief, and I've focused particularly on studying, analyzing and learning more about micro diamonds a material with a thousand potential applications.

I developed a passion for this pure, brilliant stone with unique physical and chemical characteristics, universally recognised as of value for technical improvement in various industrial sectors including diamond cutting tools, which is my background.

After more than forty years in the field of applications for this valuable natural material, I decided to launch a new-generation project with Ferdiam srl and the DiamArt brand. I still had the drive to learn more and the desire to move forward with a business that was completely new and thus even more stimulating.

I was able to do this because I was supported by new energy and an enthusiastic, well-prepared and dynamic team who welcomed and grasped this exciting challenge.

Now this new generation is leading the business into new markets, characterised by totally unprecedented dynamics, target audiences, distribution channels and production processes. A truly thrilling challenge. This is DiamArt past and present.

In my career I've always approached my work by seeking maximum quality in raw materials, with the aim of providing excellent solutions; I've also focused on innovation and automation, to create dynamic, technological businesses that are also flexible, creative and able to adapt to market changes.

At DiamArt too we've used the same approach, and today we concentrate on the ongoing quest for new processes and methods for the creation of applications for the beauty sector, in which our distinctive product can bring new ideas and new attractiveness.

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