"KPlate Diamonds" by Alphaplate


Winners of numerous prizes and Design Awards, art directors of major Italian and foreign companies, as well as prestigious exhibitions and events, Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi of Gumdesign are the creative soul of the new KPlate Diamonds plates, belonging to the Alphaplate collection by Yachtica, a brand dedicated to the nautical and luxury residential market.

Alphaplate creations are the result of obsessive attention to detail, simplification, sensitivity to the shopping experience, history and the emotions that the shapes and materials of the object can stimulate.

This is how KPlate Diamonds was created, a synthesis of preciousness, lightness and elegance.



The Kplate Diamonds collection by Alphaplate is a new aesthetic proposal for those who leave nothing to chance, where the DiamArt micro diamond creates shapes and reflections in a harmonious blend of colours and materials with the solid and elegant lines of the Alphaplate aluminium plates.

The research into the materials falls on a design conceived in an innovative manner with particular attention to the elegance and refinement of the detail embellished with geometric declinations in DiamArt micro-diamonds whose shapes are in harmony with the frame of the plate.


Project development

The creation of the lighting plates originates from research that combines sustainability and compositional flexibility with simple geometries and the expressive potential that a set of "dots" on a surface can generate.

The plates of the Kplate Diamonds collection are made of aluminium with a special anodised finish and DiamArt micro diamond inserts from the Caracto Black, Riflessa White and Aurea Light Gold collections.

The CNC machining of the metal surface allows the manual insertion of small diamond powder dowels of 3x3 mm each.

The different layouts of the switches and the choice of the different types of DiamArt surfaces allow for the customisation of a furnishing element that punctuates the space in the rooms where it is inserted with brilliant diamond accents.

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