Nicolo Fuser

Chief Product Officer, Co-founder

I'm not a jeweller and I'm not a diamond expert, but I'm passionate about business, marketing and promising ideas, and DiamArt was one from the start.

From Isidoro Ferrari 's very first words I realised this was something unique, never seen before.

I was immediately captivated by the diamond as raw material and fascinated by the idea of creating innovative new concepts for such an iconic and precious substance.

I knew nothing about micro diamonds, commonly known as diamond powder, and that's why my approach to DiamArt could be free of preconceptions; this helped me to invent new, previously unexplored applications.

The initial idea, just a few years ago, set out the possibility of a new vision of applying micro diamond on any type of surface, and today DiamArt represents the concrete and unique potential to apply micro diamond to exquisite components for a wide range of objects and surfaces, using new methods which I'm enthusiastic to be involved in.

The success of the project and its perfect execution were confirmed for the first time by the interest shown by several jewellers at VicenzaOro Dubai in 2015. After some curious coming and going they asked to examine our micro diamond surfaces with a gemmology lens.

When they told us they'd never seen such a perfect technique for setting micro diamonds, we knew that our method, our perseverance and our ideas had created something unique.

Today my task and my goal is to ensure that DiamArt is recognised as the first and only micro diamond surface in the world, contributing to the growth of the brand and its diffusion worldwide.

I've always seen work and professional commitment as a constant challenge in adapting to and addressing the numerous changes in circumstances. This is why working at DiamArt today means enriching the brand with my dynamic approach, my enthusiasm for research and my active participation in an ongoing revolution.

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