“DiamArt: shapes and materials” TRIPTYCH


“DiamArt: shapes and materials” is a triptych consisting of three items: “Diamond Petals”; “The dance of the diamond dunes” and “Precious geometries on a Nero Marquinia marble night”. The project was conceived and executed by DiamArt in order to explore the material, form and use of micro diamond, also commonly known as diamond powder.


A study that traces the evolution of DiamArt. A series that investigates the potential and the material variation of micro diamond surfaces and explores the relationship between flexibility, form and material. An ongoing dialectic between thesis, antithesis and synthesis. The potential of material, creative force and outcomes. The triptych is a dynamic experiment into how the use of different geometries and heterogeneous materials can give rise to a collection of textures, finishes and colours and lead to the exploration of endless compositional possibilities in which sparkling DiamArt decorations stand out.

“Diamond Petals”

The first piece in the triptych is "Diamond Petals", a mirror made using Infinity Black DiamArt micro diamonds from the Caracto collection and satinized steel. The frame of the mirror measures 40x40 cm and features gentle floral patterns in micro diamond. The backing is steel with a thickness of 2mm. The decorative elements are made by water-jet cutting and positioned by the inlay method, combining different styles and materials in order to showcase the multiple possibilities of DiamArt surfaces. The dialogue of light and reflection between the mirror and the micro diamond decoration follow the geometry and curving lines of the detailing on the steel frame.

Carats of natural diamond: 23,27 ct

“The dance of the Diamond dunes”

“The dance of the diamond dunes" is made using DiamArt Infinity Black from the Caracto collection on a fabric base with a thickness of 1 mm. The interplay of shiny and opaque flexible elements highlights the contrast between the different materials and showcases the unique sparkle of DiamArt micro diamond surfaces. The piece explores the potential of making one of nature's hardest materials soft and flexible by playing with sinuous curves; an unprecedented use for this precious stone.

Carats of natural diamond: 14,44 ct

“Precious geometries on a Nero Marquina Marble night”

“Precious geometries on a Nero Marquina Marble night” is made using DiamArt Stellar White from the Caracto collection. Triangular and trapezoid inserts enclosed in a hexagonal shape blend in a play of contrasts between material and form. Geometry and luminescence punctuate space, creating structure, optical effects and abstract motifs. The geometric combination of marble and diamond on several levels creates a play of light which gives rise to an eclectic composition for application as a decorative coating.

Carats of natural diamond: 47,05 ct

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